train·ing n
1.  the process of learning (or teaching) a skill or job.

Victorious Living offers training for individuals and groups. You will find our training to be practical, informative, interactive, and fun. People complete the events feeling emotionally energized and often having made new friends.

Our training helps clients envision, pursue, and enjoy the lives they want to live.

Victorious Living’s signature training topics are Goal Setting 4 Life and Identifying Your Gifts & Talents.  We use these modules as “entrance” ramps for people who want to get on the path to their heart’s desire.

Goal Setting 4 Life is an excellent vehicle to visualize the life you were meant to live.  It allows clients to clarify what is most important so they can work toward attaining these things.

Identifying Your Gifts & Talents helps clients confirm their unique abilities so they can use them more effectively, and with increased satisfaction.  Both of these exclusive modules are excellent means to begin the envisioning and pursuit process.

The following is a menu of additional training topics.  These modules were designed to help clients acquire (or more effectively utilize) the skills that will enable them to make progress on the journey:

Three Keys to Create a More Balanced Life (Relationships, Productivity & Enjoyment)
In our fast paced society, almost everyone has too much to do and too many demands.  This dynamic leaves us feeling out of balance.  This is particularly true of women who are juggling careers and/or managing a household.  Our inspirational and practical approach will help anyone establish a more balanced life.  By making an equilibrium adjustment, you will gain greater contentment and improved performance in all faucets of your life.

If my home was under better control. . .
I could be more productive at work (Productivity)

This workshop provides practical solutions on how to effectively manageyour homewhile being plugged in at work. We cover strategies from getting dinner on the table, to managing clutter more effectively. We enable employers to help their employees deal with those pressing issues that are a thorn in the side of most working mothers, so that they can be freer to fully engage while at work.

How to Create a Heavenly Home (Relationships & Productivity)
This training outlines the process to create a home that looks beautiful, functions well, and feels like a cocoon.  It provides practical suggestions and examples that will have people wondering what decorator helped you pull your place together.

EMP2 - Effective Menu Planning and Meal Preparation (Productivity)
The family is asking the dreaded question. “What’s for dinner, mom?” But you don’t know yet, and its 6:00PM. Our simple system will allow you to create an effective plan, so that you can respond to that daily question with an answer that you feel really good about.

Cooking 102 (Productivity)
We’ll show you how to make three easy dishes that are sure to please and impress.  Whether you are cooking for the nuclear family, best girlfriends, or your work group we’ll share principles and demonstrate tips that can make cooking less of a chore – and more of a demonstration of true affection.

Clients often combine two or more of the home focused trainings.

Growing deeper in Christ  (Relationships & Enjoyment)
Many believers want to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.  We will share seven practical actions that participants can begin using immediately to deepen their most important relationship.

Mo Better Time Management (Productivity)
This is contemporary time management. Participants will learn how to more effectively allocate time for the priorities in their lives. Those who are “calendar-impaired” will get customized tips on how to manage their schedules more effectively.

By popular demand we also offer these specialized topics:

Cultural Diversity: More Than a Phrase I’d Rather not Hear (Relationships, Productivity & Enjoyment)
The words “cultural diversity” have become a topic that many people would rather not discuss. Yet, the ability of leaders to effectively manage differences has a tangible impact on the productivity of every organization.  Our training offers a unique slant on the topic of diversity and inclusion.  We have creatively incorporated biblical principles to illustrate how differences can be harnessed to drive increased personal and organizational productivity.

Yikes, I have to make a presentation  (Productivity)
If your desires is to deliver a dynamic, persuasive presentation, Victorious Living can coach you through the process of how to build and deliver an effective presentation or speech.

What effective leaders do  (Relationships & Productivity)
By focusing on the four “things” that effective leaders do, we help participants see that they are leaders at many levels, whatever their titles are or aren’t.  We will also focus on how to leverage leadership abilities to make a significant contribution.

Simple Window Treatments  (Productivity & Enjoyment)
You’d love to dress your windows in treatments from a fine retailer, but the prices are equal to a mortgage payment.  We can show you some simple techniques to create a custom treatment using your own hands and a few yards of fabric.  Even if you haven’t sewn since your junior high home economics class, you can do this.  It’s that simple.

All of our topics are tailored to women who are juggling the roles of wife, mother, employer, employee, caretaker, sister, friend, home-manager, volunteer, etc., and the multiple demands that go with them.

Scheduling a training event:
Victorious Living can provide training for your group.  Whether a corporate, civic, or religious organization, we can tailor our existing modules, or create courses to meet your specific needs.

We also conduct training events for the general public on a regular basis.  Just check the home page for a schedule of upcoming events.

Many of our topics can be scaled up or down to fit a lunchtime brown-bag type event or to be an in-depth half or full day session.  Most of the training topics can be covered with individual clients via the personal coaching format.

Please contact us, for availability, pricing or more information about Victorious Living training options.

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